Sunday, 20 November 2011

Friday, 18 November 2011

Temperature: 4.4 C (o7:40 hrs)
Wind: Minimal to zero
Sky: Blue
Departure: 09:00 hrs
Height: 1,507 m (02:20 hrs)
Return: 12:36 hrs
Walk: 03:36 hrs

My first attempt to climb Monthiallier, ideal weather conditions (until I left the shelter of the tree line) but a failure a little short of the summit.

I am yet to work out the quickest route to the summit and I miscalculated my route, arriving on the mountain's steepest side but probably a good 50 m from the summit.

The wind above the tree line was blowing hard, and ill-equipped, without a windproof coat, I took shelter in the lee of one of the very few low, wind-beaten mountain pines that can be found at that altitude. Too cold, too uncertain of my route, too tired, I turned back and descended in a little under 01:20 hrs.

A good start. A start.

The walk up Monthiallier, shortly after leaving the house

The view of what I incorrectly presumed to be the summit.

My partner, Tess.

A view of the Puy-de-Dome.

Seeking shelter from the wind: Les Hautes Chaumes.

Monthiallier leaving the tree line.

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