Monday, 21 November 2011

Monday, 19 November, 2011

I was up at 02:50 hrs this morning, unable to sleep and ended up working on my novel until 06:30 hrs. After a brief snooze, I was mucking out and feeding the pigs at 07:45 hrs.

In short, hardly ideal preparation for an ascent on Monthiallier, especially with the added weight of my backpack.

After some hesitation, I set out anyway at 09:07 hrs with Bin, but after 30 mins (the first 30 mins being the steepest) I was utterly bushed. I had only reached the forest above the house, walking through deep copper-coloured banks of leaves.

Nothing for it - I knew I had no chance of making it and I turned back. Still, a good hour's walk on an extremely mild morning, too mild for my taste for late-November. Where's the snow?

It did however give me a good opportunity to photograph my descent, from the forest to the house.

Hoping for an earlier night tonight and a full summit tomorrow, although the weather forecast is not looking as helpful as it might.

Coming back down through the forest.

Emerging from the forest to the high-pasture above our house.

An old estive path.

A wild bee hive.

Les Batisses

Bin & Tess at Meymont.

The view of our village coming down the mountain.

The oak tree at home.

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